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  • Raphael 1:10 PVC Statue

    Once an ordinary pet turtle, a chance encounter with a strange alien ooze transformed Raphael into a walking, talking green machine! Trained by his sensei Splinter, Raphael mastered the martial arts and now alongside his three brothers uses his...

  • Bebop 1:10 PVC Statue

    Recruited by the Shredder, Bebop and his pal Rocksteady subjected themselves to experiments that transformed them into mutant human/animal hybrids! Bebop was mixed with the aggressive warthog and the result was a punk rock piggy that gives the Turtles a...

  • Krang 1:10 PVC Statue

    A villainous warlord from Dimension X, Krang came to Earth aboard his monstrous technodrome in the hopes of conquering the planet. Once here he established an uneasy alliance with the leader of the Foot Clan, Shredder. WIth the help of Shredder, Krang...

  • Shredder 1:10 PVC Statue

    Shredder is the leader of the foot clan and the long-time nemesis of the Turtles sensei, Splinter. With his mutant henchmen Bebop and Rocksteady at his side as well as an endless army of robotic Foot Soldiers, Shredder has made no end of trouble for the...

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