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  • Mega Man X

    “X possesses great risks as well as great possibilities. I can only hope for the best.” Premium Collectibles Studio presents the Mega Man X 1:4 Scale Statue, a futuristic video game collectible celebrating the classic Capcom character. The...

  • Dr. Strange 1:10 PVC Statue

    Trained by the Ancient One in the ways of the mystic arts, Dr. Strange uses his vast knowledge and incredible powers to defend the Earth from any and all supernatural forces that threaten its safety. Armed with the Cloak of Levitation and the Eye of...

  • Thanos 1:10 PVC Statue

    Even before he acquired the infinity stones, Thanos possessed a power few could comprehend. His strength, intelligence and endless determination made him more than a match for Marvel’s mightiest heroes and a fitting challenge for entrants to the...

  • Venompool 1:10 PVC Statue

    Venompool is the massive snarling result of leaving someone like Deadpool alone with access to a highly volatile alien symbiote. This dangerous mix of Venom and Deadpool makes a powerful and exciting addition to your Contest of Champions roster. From...

  • Wolverine 1:10 PVC Statue

    Wolverine uses his adamantium claws, mutant healing factor and extensive combat training to battle the forces of evil alongside his fellow X-Men. When Magneto attacks the X-mansion it’s up to Wolverine and his friends to defend the school and...

  • Loki 1:10 PVC Statue

    The adopted son of Odin, ruler of Asgard, Loki is actually a descendant of the Frost Giants of Jotunheim. Using the powers of his ancestors to conjure a number of icy attacks, Loki can hold his own against any Champion the Collector throws at him From...

  • Optimus Prime PVC Statue

    Optimus Prime is the courageous and compassionate leader of the heroic Autobots. Unwavering in his mission to defend the people of Earth from the evil Decepticons, Optimus uses his incredible strength and his inspiring sense of honor to rally his...

  • Soundwave PVC Statue

    Soundwave is the Decepticons Communications Officer and a loyal servant of Megatron. Soundwave commands a number of cassette troops which he can dispatch for a number of reconnaissance and tactical purposes. His iconic appearance and dispassionate...

  • Megatron PVC Statue

    Megatron is the ruthless leader of the evil Decepticons. A cold, calculating military strategist, Megatron is the complete opposite of his nemesis, Optimus Prime. Bent on stripping the earth of its resources in his quest to return to Cybertron, Megtron...

  • Starscream PVC Statue

    Starscream isn’t the leader of the Decepticons...but don’t tell him that. The Decepticon Air Commander will take any opportunity he is afforded to unseat Megatron and take the mantle of leadership for himself. The Starscream statue stands...

  • Grimlock PVC Statue

    Constructed by the Autobots Wheeljack and Ratchet, Grimlock started off as a rampaging robotic dinosaur before he was upgraded with a higher level of intelligence. Now operating at a much higher level, Grimlock proved himself to be a valuable member of...

  • Baroness 1:8 PVC Statue

    The child of wealthy aristocrats, the Baroness quickly traded her silver spoon for a high powered rifle. As brilliant as she is ruthless, the Baroness is a master of espionage and an exceptional pilot who has more than earned her place as COBRA’s...

  • Serpentor 1:8 PVC Statue

    Created in a secret COBRA laboratory, Serpentor was designed to be the ultimate leader of COBRA’s villainous empire! Using genetic codes from some of history’s greatest and most ruthless conquerors, COBRA’s scientists succeeded in...

  • Destro 1:8 PVC Statue

    Destro is the head of the weapons dealing empire, MARS (Military Armaments Research System), chief arms supplier to COBRA. Wherever there is conflict in the world, it’s a safe bet that Destro is not far behind, happy to supply whichever side can...

  • Cobra Commander 1:8 PVC Statue

    Cobra Commander is the fanatical leader of Cobra, a ruthless criminal organization bent on world domination. Branded by some as the most dangerous man alive, Cobra Commander has made it his mission to subjugate the world and defeat the GI Joe Team. The...

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