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Premium Collectibles Studio's New Prince 1:3 Scale Statue: Pay Homage to the Purple One

Premium Collectibles Studio's New Prince 1:3 Scale Statue: Pay Homage to the Purple One

May 18th 2023

His Royal Badness, The High Priest of Pop, The Purple One, The Prince of Funk, Prince Rogers Nelson, Skipper – musical artist Prince is known worldwide by many different names and holds many different titles. But no matter what you call him, the late pop icon will be eternally recognized for his groundbreaking contributions to the music industry, incomparable sense of style, and unparalleled guitar skills. To celebrate the life and legacy of such a pillar of music history, Premium Collectibles Studio has released the Prince 1:3 Scale Collectible Statue, a must-have for any fan of the iconic musician.

PCS has sculpted the Prince collectible statue in intricate detail, with three different editions and an exceptionally lifelike deco application. All three versions of this statue depict Prince at center stage, his right hand cupped over his ear, egging on the crowd. The base is lined with light-up LED floor lights and the ubiquitous Love Symbol #2 in his trademark purple. Now let's dive into the captivating variations of this commemorative memorabilia piece.

This meticulously crafted statue showcases Prince in his famous Purple Rain outfit, exuding the timeless charm of the '80s. In the Platinum Exclusive edition, Prince dons a purple fabric jacket with a satin finish. The jacket features exceptional attention to detail, with a delicate lace pocket square placed in front and metal studs on the right shoulder. A lacy white dress shirt and black trousers which button down the sides perfect the look. Complete with both his custom white cloud guitar with gold accents and purple Schecter Habibe guitar, this edition invokes pure Prince nostalgia.

The PCS Deluxe version also captures Prince in his purple rain attire, accompanied by his signature white cloud guitar that the multi-talented musician first played in the Purple Rain film. From head to toe, the PCS Deluxe edition Prince fully immerses you in the magic of his Purple Rain era. The Cloud guitar with gold accents is slung over his shoulder, held up by a distinctive leopard print strap.

Paying tribute to the thrilling energy of Prince's 2007 Miami Halftime appearance, the Collector's Edition Prince 1:3 Scale Statue showcases the Prince of the 2000s. Outfitted in a full-fabric embroidered blue suit complemented by a vibrant orange dress shirt, Prince comes alive in the Collector's Edition. This rendition celebrates a pivotal moment in Prince's career while adding a touch of versatility to your collection. With the custom purple guitar and a removable bandana, each detail embraces the passion and stage presence that made Prince a true legend.

The Bottom Line

No matter which version you choose, this statue is perfect for celebrating the everlasting legacy of The High Priest of Pop and reliving the exhilaration of his most legendary performances. Whether you're a dedicated Prince fan or an avid collector of '80s memorabilia, these remarkable statues capture the essence of the trendsetting artist in a timeless display. With the Prince 1:3 Scale Collectible Statue, you can bring the enigmatic presence of Prince into your own space and forever honor the man who redefined music.

         Platinum Exclusive Edition                                      PCS Deluxe Edition                                Collector's Edition
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